Meet Me
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My Why

I have always loved the simple things in life. I love going on hikes with my family, laying in the warm sun and feeling its rays against my skin, eating ice cream with my girls and chasing their giggles, sitting in silence and stillness, staying up late under the stars with friends, laughing until my belly hurts - just being. This is the type of stuff I want to capture, because it's real and it's what I love. Life's moments aren't posed or what we see in movies. They are way more than that.

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This is where the magic happens

My Approach

Shooting together should be fun and should be about YOU being YOU! Whether you are looking for family photos, couple photos, or portraits, I’m there to capture the real stuff. The gut bursting laughs, the optimistically unplanned, the goosebumps, and the loud and quiet moments. I am not there to just show up with a camera and shoot. Anyone can do that. My goal is to be more than that for you. I don’t create for you. I create with you. With that being said, let’s create an amazing experience together!